The thing about being in Central America is that pretty much wherever you look there are Volcanoes. Being Geologists we quite enjoy this fact so here is a selection of our best Volcanoes:
Agua (Antigua, Guatemala)
Fuego erupting (Antigua, Guatemala)
Some of the volcanoes surrounding Leon, Nicaragua
San Cristobal at sunset, Nicaragua's largest active volcano.

The glowing magma inside the crater of Telica, Nicaragua
Concepcion volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua.
 Misty volcano in Araquipa, Peru

The lip of the crater of Volcan Telica, we had to crawl up to the edge to see into the crater. 

 Definite volcano but we have no idea its name, it was in between Quito and Otovalo, Ecuador.
 A spectacular crater lake in Quilotoa, Ecuador

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