Local Mayan from Coba, Mexico. Demonstrating how to make  tortillas.
Harry playing with the school kids in Coba, Mexico. They loved getting their photos taken!
More adorable school children in Coba
Harry's cousin Rob with his wife and nephews just after Antigua's 5km run for charity.

Our crew in Tikal, Guatemala. Two Argentinians and a lovely couple, Patrick and Christine.
Our (highly responsible) dive instructor, Ben, passed out on our boat before we had to dive

Our lovely Californian surf buddies, Leah and Talia, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Our friends Laura (from Bogota) and Collin (from the Netherlands) who Luisa met in Florence

Our very goof friend, Vincent. the fittest member of our party during the trek to the Ciudad Perdida.

Two Kogi children on our trip to Ciudad Perdida, Colombia. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between boy and girl, so all boys were a bag and all girls were a necklace.

A local woman from Quilotoa, who knitted the hat harry is wearing in the photo right in front of us the night before.

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