Who am I?  
Hi, I'm Luisa (or Guicha according to the people of Guatemala). I started this trip at 23 after finishing my masters degree in Environmental Science at the University of Edinburgh. I have a huge passion for travelling and going on a round the world (RTW) adventure has been a goal of mine for most of my life.

Why Central and South America? 
Because to me it is the most exciting of all the continents to explore! The Latino culture of music, dancing and colour, the landscape that varies from glorious beaches in Mexico, to rainforests in the Central American isthmus, to the towering mountains of the Andres in South America. I felt it would also be the easiest way to start backpacking as Spanish is the universal language that continues through each country, so in theory, my trip should be more culturally rich the more I travel and the more Spanish I can learn.

What is one of your aims for the blog?
I love food so I want to review how food varies across the continent by reviewing the local cuisine, best places to eat and what it is like travelling as a veggie in Latin American.

What are the things you look forward the most?
 Machu Picchu (Peru), Salar de Uyuni (Salt flats in Bolivia), Iguassu Falls (Argentina), canopy zip-line in Monteverde (Costa Rica), scuba diving on the world's second largest barrier reef (Utila, Honduras) and learn Spanish!

What has been the coolest thing you have done so far?
It has got to be scuba diving in Utila, but more specifically, seeing sea turtles up close! I have always wanted to see sea turtles in the wild and to watch them under the ocean was beyond anything I could have imagined.

What has been the most memorable thing you have seen?
The sunrise over the Caribbean sea in Tulum, Mexico. We stayed in a stilled villa hut directly on the beach and I could see the glorious sunrise over the calm sea from my bed. Utter tranquility!

What is your top recommendation?
I would say either Tulum or Semuc Champey in Guatemala. The latter is a small paradise of flowing turquoise pools where you can swim in a breath taking green mountainous landscape.

Some cool things I have done...

 Tandem skydive in California (2008)
 Climb Yosemite Falls (USA's tallest waterfall) (2008)

Cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (June, 2009)

Eating street food in Malaysia (April 2011)

My room with a view! Studying Italian in Florence, Italy
(November 2011-March 2012)

My canopy zip-line in Monteverde, Costa Rica (June, 2012).

Sandboarding in Huacachina (November, 2012)

Me at Machu Picchu (November, 2012) 

My photo bombing llama at Machu Picchu (November, 2012)

Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flats
(December, 2012)

Canyon Swing, Queenstown NZ 
(March, 2013)

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