The flesh of a coconut after we drunk all the milk (Mexico)
A nifty machine for pressing all the sugar juice out of  sugar cane, for mojitos (Mexico)
No trumpets in Antigua?? (Guatemala)
The evolution salsa (Antigua, Guatemala)
"Sir Veza" = Cervaca (beer in Spanish)
On the outside of a dentist in Utila, Honduras.
You know what they say about small feet... (Leon, Nicaragua)
Happy pot heads (Leon, Nicaragua)
Everything in Central America is called"Gallo" meaning (Leon, Nicaragua)
One of the brightly colourful chicken buses (Antigua,  Guatemala)
Pretty much the coolest bathroom I've seen on an organic macadamia farm (Valhalla, Guatemala)
The most beautifully decorated bar in history (Treetanic, Utila island)

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