Harrys Bucket List

  1. Visit 100 countries
  2. Climb Everest (Base camp realistically)
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro
  4. See Orangutans in Borneo
  5. Drink Rum on a Deserted Caribbean island (Utila-water Cay, 2012)
  6. See a clown fish (Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Snorkelling-2006)
  7. Bungee Jump
  8. Do a vineyard wine tasting tour
  9. Eat Fugu
  10. Eat a meal in the Eifel tower
  11. Climb the Eifel tower (a few times)
  12. See the great pyramids and sphinx
  13. Cycle along the great wall of china
  14. See the forbidden city
  15. Have an American McDonalds (Houston Airport, 2012)
  16. See a polar bear in the wild
  17. Visit the Antarctic
  18. Bathe in a hot spring (Salar De Uyuni, 2012)
  19. Work as a  fruit picker
  20. Celebrate Christmas on a beach (which is hot) (Palm Beach, Australia, 2005)
  21. Cycle the world’s most dangerous road (La Paz, Bolivia, 2012)
  22. Learn two foreign languages to conversational level
  23. Have a happy family
  24. Run a marathon
  25. See a volcano erupting (Volcan Fuego, Guatemala, 2012)
  26. Go to an Olympic games
  27. See a humming bird in the wild close up (Quenca, Ecuador, 2012)
  28. See a shooting star (Sardinia, Italy, 2005)
  29. Learn to dive (Utila, Honduras, 2012)
  30. Write a book
  31. Appear in a film
  32. See the Pope/Dalai Lama
  33. See the Sistine Chapel
  34. See the Mona Lisa (few times)
  35. See Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (Florence, Italy, 2008)
  36. See Michelangelo’s David (Florence, Italy, 2008)
  37. Ride on a gondola in Venice (Venice, Italy, 2008)
  38. Go punting in Cambridge
  39. Eat a pizza in Naples
  40. Eat a baguette in Paris (few times)
  41. Eat paella in Spain (Madrid, Spain, 2009)
  42. Ski Vale Blanche
  43. See a brown/grizzly bear in the wild (Nootka Island, Canada, 2004)
  44. See a Blue whale
  45. See Iguazu Falls (December, 2012)
  46. Eat Steak in Argentina (Salta, Argentina, 2012)
  47. Eat Delhi street food
  48. Learn to make Pad Thai in Thailand
  49. Ride the Tran Siberian Railway
  50. Motorbike across a continent
  51. Drink tea in Nepal
  52. Try something form a shaman in a South East Asian country
  53. Canoe across the great lakes of Canada
  54. Drive route 66 (or as close as possible) in the US
  55. Go to Manila to see where my dad was borne
  56. See a Komodo Dragon in Komodo
  57. Visit N Korea

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