Who am I?  
Hola, I'm Harry, 25, and very keen to see the world. I've already spent a year in Australia working and travelling since then I've had the "bug". I like pretty much every possible sport in the world, playing or watching + outdoorsy stuff. That said there's something to be said about a comfy sofa, pizza and a movie.

Why Central and South America? 
Read the blog! I don't think I have to answer that.

What is one of your aims for the blog?
Firstly to keep a record of what we have done. My memory is like a sieve and I want to be able to look back and remember exactly how I had the experience of a life time. Secondly because we have used other peoples blogs so often its only fair to get some up to date info for any one else looking.

What are the things you look forward the most?
Tulum Beach
Scuba Diving Utila
Argentinian steak
Guinea Pig
Machu Picchu
Worlds most dangerous road
Learning Spanish
What has been the coolest thing you have done so far?
Before Latin America? Its between living in a cave off nothing but the land for two days (*heather tea and limpets do not taste good), or being shipwrecked.

What has been the most memorable thing you have seen?
So far it has to be Machu Picchu

What is your top recommendation?
Get chicken buses/local buses you meet some incredible people and see some very dubious things.

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