Supposedly 'best friends', this monkey had a fall out with 
the coati when he stole the mango... the monkey was not happy! (Mexico)
The craaazy dancing parrot! (Nicaragua)
Monkey spotted in Palenque National Park (Mexico)
The "Motmot", Nicaragua's national bird
One of the many beautiful butterflies on Isla de Ometepe
Beautiful baby pig (Chanchito) on Ometepe (Nicaragua)
Our first encounter with a Mexican Iguana 
A tucan, one of the local Mayan's pets (Coba, Mexico)
Baby ocelot, another pet
They also had bores who were definitely not camera shy
A wild coati in Tikal National Park (Guatemala)
 The lazy duck we spotted in the botanical gardens in Medellin (Colombia)

Two monarch butterflies feeding on watermelon (Medellin, Colombia)

Biggest attention seeking dog ever! (Tabio, Colombia)

Little piglets scavenging our hike to La Ciudad Perdida (Colombia)

The cute, but clearly flee covered, pet of the indigenous Kogi people (Ciudad Perdida, Colombia)

The MASSIVE bug who kept walking towards me when I was eating (Chichen Itza, Mexico)

The puppy who just wouldn't leave Harry alone! (Banos, Ecuador)

A vulture nesting on top of some Mayan ruins (Tikal, Guatemala)

Hilarious and proud llama in Cuena's Punapongo Museum (Ecuador)

Two Hares chilling out next to a lake during the trek to Lago69

Osso, the craziest dog in all of Latin America. He was all dressed up to run in a charity 5k in Antigua.

Like moths to a flame, Pigeons to a fountain should be used more often. These fellas were caught in action in the Plaza de Armas in Araquipa, Peru.

Mother and daughter doing what they do best in Valhalla, an organic Macadamia farm just outside of Antigua.

The cutest kitten, whose best friend was a baby pig, in the island Ometepe, Nicaragua.

These tortoises lived in the main the town square in Ometepe, Nicaragua, enclosed in a giant model of the island.... that's a model  road running between them.

We found this toad setting up camp on an Aloe Vera plant, while volunteering with a perma-culture farm called El Zepilote in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

Not exactly the safest place to chilax? That yellow thing above it is a bus just about to head to Monte Verde in Costa Rica.

Beautiful deer In the Yucan peninsula Mexico, near Coba ruins.

Caught this fella in action while on the ferry to Utila, Honduras.

Snake near Volcan Telica, Nicaragua... Thankfully dead...

Monkey looking puzzled at the sight of a gringo, on the trek up the smaller volcano in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

One of the many butterflies in Ometepe Nicuragua

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