Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The completed itinerary of a fantatsic trip!

Its sad to think that our 'once-in-a-life-time-trip' to Latin America is actually over! But what a trip it was! We have seen beaches, deserts, jungles, mountains, volcanoes, forests, salt flats and some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer. We also have checked many things off our bucket-lists! This blog entry is just a summary of where we went plus our highlights on each leg of our trip. Latin America may be over but there is still plenty of travelling to be seen in New Zealand. Thanks for reading and see you on our next adventure! Happy travels!

Our two starting points in Latin America. Mexico in May and Colombia in September

LEG 1 - Central America
(May - June 2012)

LEG 2 - South America
(September 2012- January 2013)


Central America

  1. Tulum
  2. Semuc Champey
  3. Scuba diving in Honduras
  4. Ometepe Island
  5. Zip-lining in Costa Rica

South America

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