Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Feliz Navidad

Cafayate was a perfect place to spend our first Christmas away from family. We decided to spoil ourselves by staying in a plush hostel and indulged in more food than ever before on Christmas Eve. We swapped the snow,  fireplace and family Christmas meal for 40 degree heat,  pool and a BBQ. Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)!

Bringing in Christmas at mid-night

We changed our  accommodation for our last 2 nights (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) in Cafayate (LINK) so we could spend our Christmas in style. 

We stayed at Portaldel Santo (Door of the Saint) which was a perfect family run hostel with massive rooms that had a balcony over looking the pool, a great breakfast buffet and a BBQ/kitchen by the pool that was for guest to use. The staff bent over backwards to make sure we had a good stay and I am recommending this place to anyone if you have a bit more cash to splurge with.

Portal del Santo
Our bedroom
Christmas Eve was spent  shopping for supplies to cook Christmas dinner; we quickly found out that there weren’t many place to buy supplies in the town so we ended up yelling over dozens of people in the green grocers and pushing past people in the butcher trying to get veg and meat for our feast.

Because it was Christmas Eve, all the wineries were closing up for day, but that was when we arrived at Domingo Hermanos for one quick tasting before the shut the gates on us, literally. The wine was ok but the dessert wine was much better so we bought a bottle for after our Christmas meal. Feeling inspired, we bought even more wine for the meal... 5 bottles more!

How can you NOT try one of everything?!
It was insanely hot so we relaxed in our room in the glorious AC before we headed to our fancy Christmas Eve meal at Terru┼ło right in the main plaza. It was pricy (P265pp including a bottle of wine, bottle of champagne and a 10% discount) but hey, it was Christmas and for the amount of food and wine we got... well worth every penny!

We sat outside in the plaza as it was a lovely warm evening, where we were brought a drink and appetisers (to warm up our stomachs for what was to come next). The food was fantastic! A huge buffet of meats (all that you could imagine) and veggie, followed by a main course of meat for Harry and spinach linguini for me AND THEN a dessert buffet!

The food presentation was fantastic!
We were so full that the delicious food was starting to make us feel  bit ill, and that’s when the waiter brought out our Christmas platter of Panetone, nougat, nuts and chocolate! We still continued to eat! We had arrived at 7pm for dinner and ate constantly up until mid-night! Just before Christmas arrived, we were brought a bottle of champagne and then the fireworks went off. We cheered and hugged as we brought in Christmas....left more like New Years Eve more than anything else though, but it was a very memorable night.

What was more memorable was walking back to the hotel, bursting of food and wine with the thought that we had planned a huge meal for the next day...

Harry seemed to be having a good Christmas
We woke on Christmas morning still full from last night and feeling a bit precious so we lazed by the pool in the scorching sun until a faint sense of hunger arrived. We cooked up a feast with the miraculous BBQ the hotel provided and continued to eat more food.

That evening, all we could do was lying in bed watching TV. It was the most relaxed Christmas we have ever had and was definitely one of the best memories I have of our trip. If you are going to spend Christmas away from home,  why not do it in style!

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