Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mancora, not just a surfer´s paradise

After extreme sports in Baños and running around Cuenca with our long border crossing, it was time for some chill time in the beach town of Mancora. Beach, surfing, volleyball and drinks by the pool. Our pre-planned one day stay turned into five!

Sunset in Mancora

Despite being known as Peru's surfer party town, we arrived in low season and had the most chilled out time we have had since Utila. But unlike our accommodation there, we had the best hostel experience so far!

We stayed in Kokopelli which was the most relaxed and sociable hostel I have ever stayed in. There was a pool right next to the bar. The staff were all very cool and made sure the entire hostel was included in all the evening activities and general socialising both in the hostel and on the beach. There were poker and ping pong nights and free breakfast. Mancora was very nice but it was Kokopelli that made the trip!

Bar at Kokopelli
The main reason we came here was to surf, well LEARN to surf for me. The waves were quite temperamental and there was only one day that had good waves but I managed to catch a few, with the help of an instructor (no photo evidence, you'll just have to take my word for it). A lesson was S/45 for 1h with Point Surf school.

Yoga anyone?

Mancora was extremely touristy with every other building being either a tourist shop or restaurant. One of the best and cheapest restaurant, popular with both locals and travellers was Mochileros (at the end of the main side road leading to the beach). Good sea food for only 8 soles (under $4). Try the ceviche!

My veggie alternative was Angela's, which satisfied my healthy veg cravings. Try the veggie sandwich!

The beach was cool as there were many people walking around with drinks and great sandwiches (try the chocolate and banana one!) so you never had to move from the sun. Thankfully we were on the Pacific coast so we saw a fantastic sunset!
Sunset over the finish boats at the beach point

It was so easy to get stuck in Mancora (as many of the travellers had done so) especially when you can sit by the pool with amazing chips and guacamole! We sad our sad fairwells to our friends and set of to the mountains!

Pool, chips and guacamole...a receipe for happiness!
Our Kokopelli family

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