Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 57: Surfing in San Juan del Sur

Time to catch some waves? Well, maybe white water waves... it still counts. We moved south to Nica's most popular surf spot on the Pacific coast, San Juan del Sur (SJDS) which hosted a range of professionals to complete novices (like me!) and some classic "beach bums".
The bay of SJDS
Getting to SJDS from Ometepe was fairly straight forward. To catch the 7am ferry we caught the 5.35am chicken bus from El Zepilote to Moyogalpa (C25pp or $1). This took about 1.5h. The ferry to San Jorge (C45) took only an hour and from here you can get a taxi (about C20 each) to Rivas. Buses to SJDS were frequent and only cost C20pp (plus C5 if you have a bag on the bus).

We arrived mid-morning in the quaint beach town. Our bus just happened to drop us off in front of Hospedale Nicaragua, probably  the cheapest decent hostel in town at $6pp a night for a private room with fan.

To go surfing anywhere in SJDS you have to grab a collective bus to one of the many beaches. We were recommended to check out Arena Caliente surf shop which were awesome as they were really relaxed and offered the best deal for a board ($10) and transport to Remanzo beach ($5pp return) apparently the best spot to surf at the time. Not only this but when we arrived at the beach the instructor let me sit in on the lesson with a lovely mother and daughter for free! 
Listening hard to the instructor.
The actual surfing was really amazing, tricky but fun! It did come with some consequences though, apparently standing behind a board when a wave breaks was a bad idea (see picture below). However I managed to stand up on a couple of waves (white water) which definitely counts as surfing!

Surfboards can do some serious damage

Despite the injuries it was a really cool chilled place and would have been cool to stay for longer if we werent so broken from half days surfing. We got the collective back around 5pm when the sun was setting and headed to a burger bar for a bite to eat. 

Intrigued by the sign outside (which read "our burgers will make you come" (come was spelt the way tripadviser wont let my type it)) we were ready for an experience. Nacho Libre didn't disappoint, Harry had "the smelly" and it was out of this world, definitely due to the the coconut bread buns, which were the best he's have ever had. The chips were pretty good, and presentation was fantastic, but it was the bun that stole the show. 
The smelly and fries = Awesome. Seriusly Awesome

The owner was a chatty and friendly guy, who was very helpful with information about our onward journey even letting us use his computer to send some documents. If we had been staying for longer we would have gone again, and tried the variety of burgers available.

But the next day it was an early rise to get to Monteverde in Costa Rica. So for the time being I remain a keen but beginner surfer, maybe one day I'll be like the guy below..... 

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