Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Where to eat in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

Mikaso  [Burg’s choice]
Roof top hot tub with the best view of Lake Atitlan
This hotel/restaurant had a reputation for being expensive, yet, the prices were actually similar to all other restaurants, however no other place could top their view! The seating area was located on a roof top terrace with sun loungers, hammock and a hot tub! The service was very friendly and the menu choices were good but most importantly the food was the best we had in San Pedro. Great breakfast, fruit Licuados and voted (by us) Guatemala’s best burger!

La Puerta
A really nice, well decorated café, with outdoor seating in the garden. We went for happy hour and got 2 for 1 cocktails, we got the café’s speciality which was incredible (I think I remember it had strawberries in it). We order papa frittas which came as delicious sautéed potatoes with guacamole. The woman that served us was very friendly and cheerful. The place looked pretty good for both breakfast and lunch. Prices were standard for San Pedro.

A nice change to see an Irish pub when you are in a hippy-town in Lake Atitlan. The place is run by a cool Irish guy who lives in San Pedro and has brought a taste of Ireland with him. The menu had a great selection of good cheap food with rather large portions. The nachos were particularly good. Drinks were fairly cheap too. The atmosphere is laid back but lively at night when there is often live music.

 El Barios
One of the busiest places at night for a drink, though quite gringoised. There was going on most nights like a pub quiz and meal of the day. We didn’t eat here but a lot of attention was given to the large portions of bar food such as sausages and fries. Check the menu for what is on offer that night. Later in the night they played good chart tunes which was accompanied by many American girls dancing on the bar.

This was our least favourite place to eat. The hostel and restaurant is run by Israelis, with a really cool middle eastern theme of sitting on the floor with cushions around a low table with dim lighting, which created a nice atmosphere. However, we were extremely disappointed with the food and service. The falafels were average and the hummus simply tasted of tahini. The staff was miserable, unhelpful and very slow at bringing our food, plus it was more expensive than the other restaurants in Utila but had a much lower quality overall. 

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