Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 4: Cancun

So our trip didn’t really begin as planned. It took me 4 days to store enough energy to finally go to the beach! I had continued to be ill for 2 full days after arriving in Cancun; unable to eat and barely able to move. So we spent the first 2 days in the hostel with majority of my time lying on the bed and throwing up.Not that this photo gives that impression.
Beach time!
By the 4th day I was determined to go to the beach in Cancun where the hotel strip and all the clubs are located, 20 mins away from downtown Cancun. Walking down Uxmal Avenue, we took the road on the left in front of the bus station to pick up the R1 bus to the beach (8.5 pesos one way). Best place to get off is the public entrance opposite the club Señor Frogs. Ask the bus driver to get off at Accesso 6. Our driver was pretty uncommunicative but we had barely any Spanish at the time. This resulted in a ten minute walk back to Senor frogs....

Beach + sun + beer = a happy Harry
The beach was incredible with perfect aqua blue water, perfect cooling temperature. There was an option to rent loungers from hotels for the day (bit pricey but it is Cancun). Our biggest  mistake was underestimating the Mexican sun… we got burnt…badly! If you go, apply plenty of sun cream! Everyone we met was going on about how they got burnt the first day they went to the beach, we listened, applied sunscreen before arriving and got burnt even more because it rubbed off on the bus ride there!

La Palapas street food market
We took the R2 bus back to downtown Cancun, got off at Walmart and went out for some food a couple of streets away to this local street market, Las Palapas (which is the name for those cool straw roofs that are everywhere here!). We got some delicious quesadillas, flour tortilla with savory filling (Harry’s one was deep fried). These were then followed by a dozen chocolate covered churros… total satisfaction (ordering "uno churros" does not mean one churros)!

Deep fried chicken quesadilla with EVERYTHING!

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